They are solely responsible for the entire club. It is their prerogative to handle all the official documentation and to guide and instruct the members of all the departments. Creation of the SMITMUN manifesto is also their responsibility.


The department is responsible for:

  • Choosing the MUN Agenda.

  • Gathering information about the topic and various countries involved.

  • Judging the delegates during the mocks and SUMMIT.

Public Relations

This department is responsible for :

  • Promoting the club and SUMMIT SIKKIM.

  • Managing the spread of information between SMITMUN and the public.

  • Drafting various notices regarding meetings and conferences.

Delegate Affairs

This department is responsible for :

  • Getting the interested party registered.

  • Handing, Collecting and Grading of registration forms.

  • Helps in allotting the countries for the SUMMIT.

  • Conducting training sessions to educate the delegates on the MUN procedures (for references check “Reference Material” section on the website).

  • Clarifying the doubts of the delegate.

Tech Team

This department is responsible for :

  • Production of advertisements and promotional videos.

  • Designing of flexes , posters and committee logos for all the Events.
  • Making sure all the technical needs are met during the Mocks and SUMMIT.